Gas Rescue Lockers

Securall Safety Storage Products is proud to introduce a new line of Gas Rescue Lockers & buildings to our wide product assortment. Gas rescue lockers are primarily used by steel manufactures for the storage of emergency response equipment. They allow emergency responders to quickly and easily get on there protective clothing in a safe and well lit environment. Once inside and dressed the emergency responder can then sound an emergency audio/visual alarm system and grab any and all of the equipment they need to deal with the emergency at hand.

Gas rescue buildings can also be used in animal housing facilities, where the manure pit is often located below the facility floor, manure gases are generally detectable in low concentrations throughout the year. When pits are agitated for pumping, some or all of these gases are rapidly released from the manure and may reach toxic levels or displace oxygen, increasing the risk to humans and livestock. Since the increased use of manure storage facilities in agriculture there have been numerous instances where a farmer, family member, or employee has asphyxiated or succumbed to toxic gases from the storage. Cases have been documented where several individuals have died while attempting to rescue a coworker or family member from an underground pit or a spreader tank. Underground mine classified as potentially gassy, tests for gas or vapors shall be made prior to start of work at each shift. A Securall Hazardous Gas Rescue Building/Station must be installed to prevent accidents in hazardous conditions. Rescue crews shall be familiar with all emergency rescue builing equipment necessary to effect a rescue or search for missing employees in case of an accident or explosion. At least one rescue crew shall be maintained above ground at rescue building at all times and within 30 minutes travel of the tunnel or underground mine site classified as gassy or extrahazardous.



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Model No.
GasR5 - Gas/Emergency Rescue Locker
GasR5 - Gas Rescue Locker
Exterior Dimension - 8'4" H x 5' W x 3'6" D
Approx. Ship. Wt. - 3,000 Lbs.
Door Style - 1 - 42" W x 62.5" H single door
2 Hour Fire Rating Upgrade for GasR5
4 Hour Fire Rating Upgrade for GasR5
GasR10 - Gas/Emergency Rescue Locker

Exterior Dimension - 8'4"H x 10'W x 10'D

Approx. Ship Weight - 7,000 Lbs.

Door Style - 1 - 60" W x 80" H double door

2 Hour Fire Rating Upgrade for GasR10
4 Hour Fire Rating Upgrade for GasR10
** Images may be shown with optional accessories **  

Design Features

Choose from: 8’4”H x 5’W x 3’6”D or
8’4”H x 10’W x 10’D

Interior and Exterior Lighting


R11 Insulation

Audio/Visual Alarm System


Interior and Exterior Receptacle

Stretcher Compartment

Additional Options Available Include:

Custom Size Units

2 or 4 Hour Fire Ratings

Exhaust System

Sprinkler System

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

Portable Eyewash Station

Panic Hardware

Air Conditioner

Most Options Available in Explosion Proof

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