Modular Storage

Securall Products is aware that sometimes you need more than a cabinet, but less than a whole building or locker to suit your hazardous storage requirements. This is why we have developed our Fire Partition and Fire Wall Systems. Hazardous Materials can be stored in closer proximity to each other when they are separated by a Fire Partition or Wall. Instead of having to separate your hazards by up to 100 feet to satisfy the NFPA and OSHA you can now keep all your items in the same area, consolidating your floor storage space and eliminating needless traffic to and from the spread out hazardous storage locations.


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Fire Rating - FM Approved Fire Rated Wall & Roof Design Tested at Intertek Testing Laboratory read more

Our Heavy Duty Steel Industrial Partitions are also perfect for segregating your valuable industrial equipment such as transformers, pumps, and compressors, etc. Segregating your heavy equipment and machines can help to minimize the risk of complete loss due to fire, machine failure or natural disasters, among other concerns. These dividers also help to reduce sound pollution by deflecting and dampening the noise created by loud machinery. Designs for complete 4 sided enclosures with fire rated and tornado proof doors are available.


Our Fire-Rated Partitions and Fire Walls are built of Type 1 and Type 2 Construction and are designed to transform your facilities work spaces into legitimate Fire Areas - enclosed spaces offering Fire and Smoke Resistance from the surrounding environments. These units can be Fire Rated at 2 or 4 Hours. Securall Products also manufactures Fire Doors with Fire Rating up to 3 hours and measuring up to 84" x 84" which can be installed in these structures to provide you with access to your Fire Compartments. Standard Building Options and Door Hardware is available with these systems. Please Contact Us for more information on our Fire Partitions and Fire walls.


Partition Benefits and Capabilities

Less costly and more economical when requirements do not call for a complete enclosure, building or locker

Faster Lead-times.

Hazardous Materials can be stored closer together allowing for more efficient and consolidated use of facility floor space.

Prefabricated, Modular Construction for easy on site installation.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications.

2 and 4 Hour Fire Rated options.

Available with all standard options.

Built for easy installation and removal for relocation, maintenance access or facility upkeep.

Sound deflection and attenuation.

Segregates and protects machinery.

Fire, Water, Blast, and Corrosion resistant.

Intertek Tested.

FM Approved Fire Rated Wall Design.

Custom designs available.


Fire Partition Applications

Active Fire Protection

Building Separation Wall

Fire Barrier

Fire Barrier Wall

Fire Blocking

Fire Resistance

Fire Separation

Fire Separation Wall

Fire Wall

Fire Blocking

Fire-Retardant Barrier

Firestop System

Passive Fire Protection

Smoke Barrier

Smoke Compartment

Type I Construction

Type II Construction

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